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Texas guardianship attorney helping you care for minors and incapacitated persons
Richard Alan Kahn has more than 35 years of experience in this area of the law. We can provide you with sound advice and professional assistance where one is unable to manage his or her personal and/or financial affairs as a result of mental or physical disabilities or minority. Not only will we explore the possibility of a guardianship, but where appropriate, the many alternatives to guardianship.

Guardian of Person
The guardian of the person of a minor or incapacitated person has the duty to provide the ward with food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.  In addition, there is the duty to provide care, supervision and protection of the ward.  Furthermore, the guardian of the person has the power to consent to medical treatment.

Guardian of estate
The guardian of the estate is entitled to posses and manage all properties belonging to the ward and to collect all debts due the ward.  The guardian must prudently manage the ward’s property.

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